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January 2022

Saint Joseph's College Names Pulver as Chancellor

In its effort to return academic programming to the Rensselaer and surrounding counties, Saint Joseph’s College has named Dr. Chad Pulver Chancellor of the College. As Chancellor, Dr. Pulver will interact and assess the programming needs of the local community and serve as an outreach to the community. Pulver will establish current projects from concepts to action detailing steps to initiate programs, including resources, infrastructure, personnel, community need, and market analysis.

As a local Rensselaer community member and former SJC faculty and administrator, Dr. Pulver’s familiarity with Saint Joseph’s College and the Missionaries of the Precious Blood is a tremendous asset to the SJC team. Pulver holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from Saint Joseph’s College and a Master’s Degree and PhD from Purdue University. In 2018, he teamed up with the Jasper County Sheriff's department and created the Jasper County Substance Abuse Treatment (J-SAT) program. Pulver has provided treatment in Jasper County Jail and aided in inmate transition out of the facility. Pulver Psychological Services, PC, which opened in 2006, continues to operate and service mental health needs in our community.

As the Chancellor of Saint Joseph’s College, Dr. Pulver returns to complete some unfinished business. Pulver will be the bridge to the local community, ascertaining needs and developing and implementing programs. Representing SJC, he will work with the Center for Workforce Innovations to uncover regional and state trends that SJC can leverage for new directions. He will continue conversations with area school corporations to find opportunities for programs to reach the students and families and help them further their educational and occupational goals. He will partner with local law enforcement to develop training programs for recently incarcerated individuals.

Pulver states, “The C.PP.S. has a long history of doing what is needed to help communities grow. I believe that SJC can continue that tradition albeit in a new era.” Identifying community needs and opportunities when and where SJC can support positive reintegration into the community is an integral part of his new role.

Ready to get started Pulver says, “I believe that SJC can provide support and connections to our community through education. We are looking for solutions to the issues that Jasper, Newton, White counties have facing them. We are actively searching for projects that will have immediate impact right where we live.”

Chairman of the Board, Michael Van Eekeren shares “Saint Joseph’s College has made great progress over the past year and a half. Step by step we continue to add additional programs and staff to meet the interest and needs of our community. Dr. Pulver comes to SJC at a perfect time. As a respected leader in the greater Rensselaer area, Dr. Pulver’s relationships within the community, fellow educators, student’s and our current staff will expand our reach. Welcome back home, Chad.”

Continued Success with Certification Programs

The sixth Certified Phlebotomy Technician cohort finished up this month with 100% success on their national certification exam. This continues our 100% certification rate in our CPT, CCMA and EKG programs!

With the growth of the program, we are pleased to announce the addition of a Nurse Practitioner to our Health Sciences department, Chantel Anderson FNP. Chantel will be teaching our EKG program. We have also added Jennifer Holder, RMA and Cheyenne Miotti, RMA to teach the evening CCMA and CPT programs. All three new instructors start teaching this month.

Due to the increased enrollment numbers, we have added our 5th classroom that doubles as a lab to draw blood. On Thursday nights, all 5 classrooms are full!

For-Credit Classes Begin

On Saturday, January 22nd our first for credit business course began. Taught by Calumet College of Saint Joseph’s Professor Dino Ramirez, this 7-week hybrid course meets three times on campus and four times via zoom. This course is the beginning of an accelerated business degree program geared for working adults. We were pleased to offer the first course for free, with the remainder of the courses offered at an affordable price.

Seven students began this program comprised of local business people, one recent Rensselaer Central grad, and one Puma from the Class of 1987! Meeting in our newly renovated computer lab, the instructor projected topics being discussed, while the students followed along on new computers available to them. Once completed the students can continue with the Business program offered at SJC or transfer the credits to the College of their choice.

Two local students have enrolled in our online Cybersecurity program. In the online Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity program, our students will learn all the skills needed to begin or excel in a career in computer network administration to assist with preventing cyberattacks.

For more information about our programs offered on campus, please contact Hali Chapman RMA, Program Director at (219) 866-6000 x2022 or

Contact Us

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Director of Communications and Development

Phone: 219-866-6000 ext 2014

Saint Joseph’s College PO Box 300 Rensselaer, IN 47978

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