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Winter 2024 Newsletter

Coming to Saint Joe: Building and Trades Program

Hello fellow Pumas, Here's a quick update of what is going on with the Building and Trades Program. Following in the teaching of Saint Joseph we have been working to create partnerships and establish pathways to a Building and Trades program here at Saint Joseph's with the surrounding high school(s). By building a partnership with the area high school(s) in the construction trade, Saint Joseph's will start another journey of educating the young in a different way. We are planning to start building our first home on Sparling Ave and Daughtery Rd starting in August 2024. We believe that the students will learn much more from doing hands-on building in the community and seeing the end results of their participation in the program. We will continue to work to educate in the eye of Saint Joseph who was a carpenter by trade.

- Ernest Watson, Jr., Program Coordinator of Trades and Technology

Level Up!
Saint Joseph’s College is excited to announce we have partnered with United Way.

The United Way Northwest Indiana Level Up Program is a revolutionary initiative designed to break the cycle of poverty and enable individuals to achieve financial stability. The program involves tuition assistance, financial education and counseling, soft skills training, resume building, childcare assistance, job connection and more! The goal is to equip participants with the necessary tools to navigate their way toward self-sufficiency, fostering a sense of empowerment and independence. Through personalized pathways, participants are able to gain marketable skills that are applicable to the real world. This partnership is a significant asset for our learners to access the resources and support needed to succeed in their dream jobs.

Cass County College and Career Fair

Program Director Hali Chapman had an amazing time representing Saint Joseph's College at the Cass County College and Career Fair on Friday, February 9th. This event had over 74 vendors and over 700 students attending from 5 high schools within the Pulaski, White, Carroll, and Fulton county areas.

"Hey - isn't this the college that closed down?" - was the typical conversation starter from the students upon seeing our table, but they left with a "Joe's Back" slogan sticking better than ever.

Saint Joe's table stuck out because we offered what most other's didn't - affordable, quick certificates in high demand fields. We were of interest to the students who already had their 2-year institution picked out for their nursing degree. Those learners would be able to earn an industry recognized national certification that can get them working in the field while enrolled in their 2-year program. We were also of interest to the students who did not want to commit to a 2-year degree, but were still looking to earn a good living wage within a respected field.

Not only was Saint Joe's table of interest to the students, but the amount of supportive reactions received from the attending business vendors, high school counselors, and field trip chaperones was truly moving. Almost every one of them had to look twice when they saw the our table. They were all beyond excited to see Saint Joe's purple tablecloth and had a Puma story to tell.

Whether they were stopping in as a student or interested business vendor, they were all so excited to be able to see Saint Joe's name back at these types of events and absolutely had to take some of our marketing materials to help spread the word. It was truly a positive experience and Hali enjoyed being able to talk to the students about their options at SJC.

Open House

On May 10th, Saint Joe will host an academic open house for prospective students to learn more about the programs we have to offer, talk with teachers and students, and understand how Saint Joe can fulfill their educational goals. We'll also assist with the application and registration process, discuss helpful scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and answer any questions. Representatives from WorkOne, United Way, and others will also be in attendance to advise on all avenues of assistance available to the students.

The day will serve as a great opportunity for prospective students to begin cultivating essential relationships on their educational journey.

Athletic Hall of Fame Luncheon

The SJC Puma Legacy, Corp. will host a luncheon on April 28, 2024 recognizing Athletics Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor inductees at the luxurious Fair Oaks Farms Resort near Rensselaer. Tickets are $50 per person, and will go on sale March 1st.

Saint Joseph’s College welcomes LICA to campus

On June 13th-14th, water management professionals will unite at Saint Joseph’s College for the LICA Water Management Forum—an exclusive platform bringing together contractors, farmers, government officials, the education community, and other industry leaders in water management solutions. The two-day event will overflow with opportunities for education, demonstration, networking, sponsorship, and exhibition.

LICA – the Land Improvement Contractors of America – is an organization of earth moving contractors who care about the environment. Their aim is to encourage high standards of workmanship in resource management, land improvement practices and to promote enterprises in the area of land improvement contracting. LICA contractors strive to improve the business climate by working for better legislation and regulations, and keeping abreast of the current changes impacting their business, and providing training in the latest technology.

Graduate Spotlight - Hayleigh Williamson

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Hayleigh Williamson, I am 18 years old. I graduated from South Newton High School in 2023. I completed the hybrid Phlebotomy Technician course last August.

How did you hear about our academic programs?

For years I had heard things about SJC and had a family friend tell me about his time at SJC taking the CPT course and it always stuck with me. Then when it came time to decide about life after [high school]

graduation, it was practically a no brainer.

What stood out to you about SJC, the people and your professors?

What stood out to me the most about the instructors and other classmates was how willing everyone was to help and give advice. The first time I was tasked with drawing a real person I was quite nervous, but with the help of instructors and classmates it felt much less overwhelming. The Coordinator Hali Chapman was always available to help, and she was happy to do so. The friendly personalities of my classmates and staff made it an easy choice for me.

To read more about Hayleigh’s experience including her favorite memories made while at Saint Joe, visit

2024 Certificate Programs

The Saint Joe Certificate Programs are kicking off 2024 stronger than ever. We began our Winter 2024 semester with 5 cohorts of certificate programs offered in all available formats: in-person, online and hybrid. With the addition of 2 programs (Billing and Coding Specialist and Medical Administrative Assistant) added to Saint Joe's Indiana Next Level Job's funding, our Winter 2024 Billing and Coding Program filled up to its maximum student amount prior to the start date. Our Spring, Summer and Fall classes have already gotten a few registrations from students who are planning their education goals for 2024.

The addition of Hybrid and Online models to our programming allows our training to be more widely accessible to students that are not in the immediate driving area of the college. The Hybrid models of our programs are proving to be effective as we currently have students commuting as far as a 1 hour drive one-way to attend class. The Hybrid model allows us to reach students who may not have considered driving to campus previously due to their longer commute to campus. Our Online models are beginning to take off as they have garnered interest from out-of-state students allowing us to extend services to areas outside a convenient driving area. The word of Saint Joseph's College's return is beginning to spread!

There will be additional certificate programs coming to Saint Joe in Spring of 2024 - please stay tuned!

Want to help or become involved?

Give an Alumni Gift - To give a gift in recognition of a loved one, or to make a donation in support of Saint Joseph’s College, please visit for more information on the different ways to give.

Program Development - If you have a specialized skill set or expertise that could be useful in building our future curriculum, consider reaching out to us at

Jobs Available - We’re always seeking additional instructors to teach our certificate programs at SJC! Please email our Program Director to discuss how you can help! Hali Chapman, RMA

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