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Enroll at SJC

If you’re going to take only one program with us, we’ll make sure it makes a difference for you.

Career-relevant knowledge Learned through Practical, Tangible Skills

Start Here. Go Anywhere.

Who enrolls in Saint Joe’s programs?
Career-minded people like you.
Thinkers. Doers. Strivers. Achievers.

Why enroll in one of our amazing programs? Perhaps you’ve been in the workforce for a while and are ready for a new skill or certification. Or maybe you want to widen your career prospects. No matter where you come from, we’ll help you get where you’re going faster.

Our style of higher education is for everyone: working professionals, future leaders, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and curious people. You’ll learn from expert instructors, gain the knowledge you need, and then you’re on your way. 

So go ahead and select the program of your choice. See where it takes you. You’ll never be the person who spends their life wondering “what if” - you’ll know where you’re headed next.

Daytime  -  Nighttime  -  In-person  -  Online  -  Hybrid


We make sure you meet your college goals. Whether you need a campus close to home, a flexible schedule, or the option to take classes online, you'll be sure to find an option that works best for you. 


Learners seeking admission are encouraged to apply using the Saint Joseph’s College Application. Once we receive your application, our Program Director will reach out to you to discuss next steps. The enrollment process should be completed at least 30 days prior to requested program start date.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Education is within reach.


We offer affordable programs that give you flexibility and the opportunity to progress your academic, professional and personal goals. But we understand paying for your education comes with many questions!

At Saint Joe, there are numerous options available to help you pay for your education - scholarships, state funding, payment plans, and for select programs you can file for FAFSA. 

Scholarships and Finanacial Assistance is available for those who qualify. Upon enrolling in a program, you will meet with our Program Director who will discuss all options available to you. 

Ready to apply?

 Fill out your application and we will reach out to you to discuss next steps


Questions about any of our programs?

Please reach out to us using the contact information below if you have any specific questions about the requirements or availability of any of our programs.

Hali Chapman, Program Director

219-866-6000 ext. 2022

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