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Skill Development Program

Saint Joe’s Launches “Skill Development” Program for Area High Schoolers

Rensselaer, Indiana - Saint Joseph’s College, the historic Rensselaer-area college, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking skill development program, which encourages motivated high school students to jumpstart their higher learning journey. The program is currently in its pilot stage, and it aims to involve area high schoolers in higher learning at an earlier age, providing them with advantages they would not have otherwise.

“Our skill development program is part of our commitment to empowering the community and inspiring the next generation of leaders,” said Hali Chapman, Program Director at Saint Joe’s. “We are opening our certificate programs to select high school students who are willing to step up, work hard, and who are already thinking of their next steps. We’re not adapting our programs to a high school level or watering them down one bit – they are tough. But we’re inviting motivated high schoolers to get a jump on their higher learning, and maybe identify their future career as a result.”

The skill development program is one of many steps taken to address the changing needs of the community, both nearby and far outside Rensselaer. Given the falling rates of traditional college enrollment, with Indiana outpacing the national average in decline, Saint Joe’s is embracing a more progressive model of what college can be in 2023. And it’s working: with standalone courses built for specific career tracks, Saint Joe’s program graduates are exiting with the precise skills they need for the workforce.

“We believe in a ‘Start here, go anywhere’ mentality that empowers learners here to achieve their goals,” said Chapman. “Our graduates of all ages are thriving in the career of their choice, and I love hearing the success stories.”

To learn more about Saint Joseph’s College, including summer semester programs, potential scholarships, and online course options, please visit

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