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Make an impact in the lives of our four-legged friends

Veterinary Science

Earning veterinary science certifications is an excellent way to advance your career in animal healthcare or to enhance your professional skill set. These highly regarded and in-demand certifications provide a solid foundation for anyone seeking to further their education in veterinary medicine.

To accommodate our students, we offer both day and evening classes. Our mission is to eliminate obstacles for anyone aspiring to improve their life through better job opportunities, increased skills, or a shift to a new career path within the veterinary field.

Explore the programs below to find the right career path for you


Certified Veterinary Assistant

16-Week Certificate Program

In-Person and Online


Certified Veterinary Office Assistant

5-Week Certificate Program

In-Person and Online 

Advance your career by stacking certifications

Certifications show that you’re committed to learning and improving. It tells employers and your teammates that you take your position and yourself seriously. Plus, the more certifications you earn, the more qualified you can become for advanced roles!

Our veterinary science certification programs are perfect to stack. 



With limited space available in each course, reserve your spot as quickly as possible to ensure participation in your first choice program.

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