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November 2021

Saint Joseph's College (Indiana), a Catholic college founded and sponsored by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, pledges itself to a tradition of excellence and to a liberal education that is a united endeavor of intelligence and faith.

Homecoming 2021 – Back Home

On Saturday, September 18th the Saint Joseph’s Alumni came back home! The Saint Joseph’s College Alumni Association in partnership with Saint Joseph’s College welcomed over 175 alumni back to campus for a Homecoming celebration. The reunion day began with a celebration Mass in the Chapel with Father Barry Fischer, C.PP.S. and Father Bill Stang, C.PP.S. with alumnus Mark Madison leading the congregation of about 40 alumni with song.

For the remainder of the day, alumni gathered at Lake Banet to meet their friends and former professors. The traditional beer and brats were served by the Alumni Association volunteers. Almost 200 alumni gathered on the beautiful fall day to reminisce about their days at Saint Joe and catch up on where they are now.

Many alumni participated in campus tours. Alumni were encouraged to join the tour and take a walk along memory lane. Young and old joined in the tours to received updates on the College’s progress over the last few years. During the tours a special event was planned. Bobby Kametas ‘17 and Harley Conn ‘19 were engaged by the fountain with friends, family and unsuspecting touring alumni present.

Saint Joseph’s College would like to thank the Alumni Association for their hard work and dedication to bring Homecoming back to campus. Their volunteers worked tirelessly to organize the day and make it special for the many alumni who made the trek back to Rensselaer. We are grateful for their continued efforts and support of our beautiful campus.


Where We Are Today

Radio advertisements, newsletters, interviews, campus tours, enhanced webpage, new academic center, open houses, alumni events, fliers—all from Saint Joseph’s College! What is happening? As the College set out on its ambitious task of reinventing itself in 2017, the Board promised to secure the debt and to come back as a liberal arts institution. What is happening on the Rensselaer campus is the realization of that promise of the College continuing its mission and providing state-of-the-art programming.

Saint Joseph's college is excited to announce for January three exciting new university/college partnerships including the University of Saint Thomas (Houston), Calumet College of Saint Joseph, and St. Mary of the Woods College. Programs to be offered to local at the College include cybersecurity, business, and a wide variety of health care programs. For more information contact Hali Chapman at (219) 866-6000 x2022.

Building on the success of the last year and the promise of career-oriented education in the “128 Plan,” the College will continue offering its health care certification programs including American Red Cross (CPR), Billing and Coding, EKG, Certified Nursing Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant, and Phlebotomy. Students who have completed these programs have been very successful in attaining jobs in health care. Additional career certification programs are under development.

Looking to the future and responding to community needs, additional institutions will be invited to offer their programs on the Rensselaer campus. Saint Joseph College is offering state-of-the-art programs at affordable prices. To this end, the University of Saint Thomas and Calumet College of Saint Joseph's will offer their first courses for free. The ongoing tuition for these programs will be affordable. Scholarships will also be available moving forward.

What is happening at Saint Joseph's College and Rensselaer is truly remarkable. Throughout its 130-year history, it had to adapt. A theme developed in 2017 was that the College would be like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. What's going on now is a testament to the Phoenix beginning to rise. Saint Joseph&