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Program starts January 18, 2022
admissions requirements

Completed and submitted online application and High school diploma or record of General Education Development Test (GED)

free tuition
for students enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science program. Free tuition is only for the Winter 2022 semester.
tuition costs
for the Associate of Applied Science program is $600 per Course for a total of $12,000.


In the online Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity program, you’ll learn all the skills you need to begin or excel in a career in computer network administration to assist with preventing cyberattacks.


In an increasingly digital world, data is currency. Organizations rely on cybersecurity professionals to protect systems, networks and programs from cyberattacks aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information. These cyberattacks often attempt to extort money from the breached organization which is why implementing a proactive approach to preventing attacks is instrumental.

With an increasing number of users and devices in the digital space along with an increase in sensitive data, the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow. And the sophistication of cyberattacks techniques continues to compound the problem even further.



This is a 60-hour program with each course representing 3 credit hours


  • AUNI 1300 (GS 130) College Foundations

  • ANET 1300 (NA 110) Hardware and Software Environment

  • ANET 1305 (NA 120) Basics of Networking

  • AMAT 1300 (GE 130) Mathematics I

  • ACOM 1350 (GE 210) Written Communication I

  • ANET 1350 (NA 220) Client-Server Networks I

  • ANET 1355 (NA 220) Physical Networks

  • ANET 1360 (NA 230) Client-Server Networks II

  • ASFT 1300 (SW 110) Foundations of Programming

  • AMAT 1355 (GE 220) Mathematics II

  • ANET 2300 (NA 310) Introduction to Linux Networking

  • ASFT 1305 (SW 210) Working with Databases

  • ANET 2305 (NA 320) Securing Information

  • ACOM 2300 (GE 310) Written Communication II

  • ANET 2350 (NA 410) Basics of IP Networking

  • ANET 2355 (NA 420) Configuring Email and Web Services

  • ACYB 2300 (IC 310) Risk Management and IT Security

  • ACYB 2305 (IC 320) Network Communications Infrastructure and Technology

  • ANET 2375 (NA 460) Advanced Operating Systems

  • ACYB 2350 (IC 430) Capstone Project

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