Patience Taruwinga, Assistant Professor of Business Administration

May 2, 2014

Areas of Expertise

Business Leadership, Management of Information Systems, Small Business Succession Planning


University of South Africa, Pretoria: Doctor of Business Leadership 2012

Indiana University South Bend: Master of Science in Management of Information Technology 2008

Indiana University South Bend: Master of Business Administration 2003

University of Zimbabwe: Bachelor of Science in Statistics, minor Mathematics 1999

Professional Background

Taught at IU South Bend's Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics for 7 years. More than 7 years leading in a non-profit organization. Experience in international trade and supply chain management. Owner/Founder of Geek Investments LLC, an export company with sales in more than 7 countries. Received a Certificate of Faculty Recognition at Indiana University in 2012.

Research Interests

Small Business Succession, social media and business success, Social Responsibility for Family Owned Businesses 


Member of The Academy of Management

Your Position at SJC

At SJC I teach in the Business Division and I teach several classes including among others: Information Systems, Leadership and Ethics, Intercultural Core, E-Business, International Business and Statistics for Business and Economics.

What motivates you to teach? 

I believe that teaching requires commitment, perseverance and passion. I find it rewarding when students acquire new skills, expand their knowledge, and learn something relevant and applicable to the real-world beyond academia.

Fun Fact

I believed for a long time that a person should never sleep on the same day that they woke up; maybe that is why I was called a workaholic.

What is your favorite thing about SJC?

At SJC, I like the small class sizes and the ability to have close interaction with students.

Anything else you'd like to add/favorite quotes, etc.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success” by Henry Ford 



Explore the Core
  • SJC Education Students in the field

    Start Your Major Freshman Year

    Like Elementary Education major Brittany Cooper ’12, you start your major as soon as you walk in the door, so you will have four years of knowledge and experience in your field.You can even change your mind about your major and still graduate on time with lots of experience.

    Core and the major work in harmony to develop the cognitive skills requisite for success in a competitive, global society. Students better understand the forces that shape the future by exploring the past. They discuss contemporary events; analyze the impact of science on our understanding of humanity and the universe; and investigate diverse cultures and world civilizations. 

  • Professor Fred and Sally Berger at Graduation


    Small colleges offer you personal attention; SJC professors, such as Communication Professors Fred and Sally Berger, do more for you—they serve as mentors. Studies show that having a mentor leads to success in your field. Alumni often tell us how their professors not only played a major role in their success, but also became lifelong friends.  If you are undecided about what to major in, we help you decide.

  • High Quality Academics

    In the Core Program, you will be inspired to debate, analyze, and solve problems. Discussion of culture and society, the modern world, and Christian Humanism are just a few highlights of the Program. New perspectives will be gained, your worldview will expand, and you will graduate from SJC as a well rounded, highly marketable person.

  • Visiting Chinese Students


    You get more deeply involved at SJC, so you get more meaningful experiences that prepare you for career and life. LaMichelle Sanders ’14, for example, has spent two summers helping Chinese study abroad students adapt to life in the U.S. and at SJC. If you want to start a club or activity that doesn’t exist, we encourage you to start one. At SJC, prepare yourself for what you want to do in life.

  • Hoop House student workers

    Real-life Skills

    Because of the skills you develop by having the Core Program interact with your major for four years in addition to internships, job shadowing, and service learning, you get hands-on experience in preparation for your career or graduate school. Students Hanna Kane ’14, Emily Baird ’15, and Alyssa Guarnaccia ’14 collect food in the SJC hoophouse to be distributed on campus. You will also get four years of analytical, writing, and speaking skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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    Start Your Major Freshman Year

    Get a jump start on your career and have your resume ready to go at graduation.  

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    Small colleges offer you personal attention; SJC professors do more for you—they serve as mentors.

  • Images of Students

    High Quality Academics

    The Core Program is all about you and your role in the world.


  • Images of Students


    You get more deeply involved at SJC, so you get more meaningful experiences that prepare you for career and life.

  • Images of Students

    Real-life Skills

    Get real-life experience and become an excellent communicator.