Clubs and Activities

Alpha Lambda Delta

A nationally recognized honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) awards lifetime membership to students who excelled in their first year of college.
Contact Information: Heidi Rahe |

Art Club

Open to all students, SJC's Art Club provides an outlet for those wanting to unleash their creative side. It holds a monthly activity for members, such as a workshop or field trip to area art exhibitions.
Contact Information: Bonnie Zimmer |


Open to students of all majors, participating in the College Band is one of the best ways to showcase your school spirit. Members play musical selections during halftime of athletic games, parades, and the like. They also have the opportunity to tour and perform for a variety of audiences throughout the Midwest.
Contact Information: Robb Thiel |

Chamber Singers

The Chamber Singers is the premier vocal ensemble at Saint Joseph’s College. Available to all students through an audition, Chamber Singers is a select choir that specializes in music written before 1750 and certain other modern works for smaller choirs. Singers are trained in early music performance practices. The group presents three concerts a year on campus and travels off campus for performances at area high schools and church-related venues.
Contact Information: Dr. Harmony Rose Murphy |


The Cheerleading Squad’s synchronized routines and genuine enthusiasm for SJC are vital to rallying support for SJC at football and basketball games. When they’re not performing, the squad aims to assist growth in the classroom and provide academic support for students on campus and in the community. They do this by working as tutors, instructing tumbling classes for youth in the area, and assisting high school squads with competition material.
Contact Information: Michelle Searer |


Open to students of all majors, the SJC Choir is one of the most visible groups on campus, as it performs at various liturgical, College, and local events each semester and presents several seasonal concerts.
Contact Information: Dr. Harmony Rose Murphy |

College Democrats

The group gets involved with Democratic Party campaigns and brings speakers to campus throughout the year, such as First District Congressman Pete Visclosky. In 2002, they joined with the College Republicans to present then SJC President Ernest Mills III with a flag flown over the U.S. capitol.
Contact Information: Alexis Johnson |

College Republicans

Campus Republicans hold a variety of events to commemorate major events in nation’s history such as 9/11 as well as patriotic holidays like Veteran’s Day. The group works with local politicians such as Indiana District 7 State Senator Brandt Hershman, who came to talk on campus.
Contact Information: Stephen Nickel |

Color Guard & Winter Guard

The Saint Joseph’s College Color Guard and Winter Guard provide the perfect combination of music and dance for performances that take place on and off campus. Members learn choreographed routines with flags, rifles, and sabres and dance at SJC sporting events and selected local parades.
Contact Information: Robb Thiel |

Columbian Players

If you believe in Shakespeare's idea that "All the world's a stage," then you're a perfect fit for the Columbian Players, SJC's acting troupe. The group presents three main-stage productions a year, including a major musical production in the spring, and involvement on stage and behind the scenes is available to students of all majors. Members also participate in various events during the year, including sponsoring trips to Chicago to see performances there.
Contact Information: John Rahe |

Computer Club

This Club gives members a chance to keep current with rapid changes in the field by allowing interaction between students and faculty members studying and deploying innovative hardware and software technologies.
Contact Information: Elizabeth Gray

Cup O' Joe

Cup O'Joe provides a relaxed atmosphere for students who want to enjoy a good cup of coffee and even better conversation. Offering numerous cappuccinos and coffee blends, as well as tea and hot chocolate - free of charge, the coffeehouse also makes a great site for literary readings, jam sessions, parties, and other campus activities.
Contact Information: Marge McIlwain

Dance Team

If you're eager to show off your dancing ability and Puma pride, SJC's Dance Team is the group for you. The team performs routines in conjunction with the Marching Band during football season and halftimes of selected home basketball games.
Contact Information: April Potts |

Delta Epsilon Sigma

A nationally recognized honor society, students qualify for lifetime membership into Delta Epsilon Sigma when they have completed half of the credits required for their degree with a cumulative grade point average in the top 25% of their class.
Contact Information: Rev. Tim McFarland, C.PP.S. ‘78 |

Diversity Coalition

Diversity Coalition hosts activities inspired by a variety of cultures and social situations throughout the year. Some of the group's popular events include: dances; Thanksgiving food drive; march through Rensselaer in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; activities for Black History Month in February and Women's History Month in March; a "Soul Bowl" basketball tournament; and campus-wide talent show.
Contact Information: Ernest Watson ’82 |


SJC's Enactus uses business skills and resources to promote education and awareness about free markets and the free enterprise system. Enactus advocates teach the importance of the capitalist system by hosting events like the annual Free Enterprise Day for high school students.
Contact Information: Dr. John Kennedy |

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat For Humanity asks members to put their faith into action by volunteering their time and talents to help eliminate poverty housing in the U.S. and around the world. SJC’s Habitat chapter travels frequently to assist with building projects and provide disaster relief in places like Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Texas.
Contact Information: Michael Steinhour |

Intramural Sports

Intramural (IM) Sports at SJC provides the perfect balance between laid back fun and friendly competition. With an eight sport schedule including 7-on-7 flag football, kickball, ultimate frisbee, indoor soccer, dodgeball, 5-on-5 basketball, volleyball, and 16" softball, there's something for everyone.
Contact Information: John May ’05 |

Investment Club

Whether you're new to the world of stocks or an experienced pro, you're a perfect match for SJC's Investment Club. Open to students of all majors, the Club members share tips about the market and learn how to make good investment decisions. They also put that knowledge into action by managing the Puma Fund, which is $60,000 of real investment capital provided by the College's endowment.

Little 500

The Little 500 is an on campus go-kart race done during the Spring semester. The Little 500 has something for everyone, including several free family-friendly events to enjoy.
Contact Information: Jon May |

Measure (literary magazine)

If you are a writer or artist, you'll want to be a part of Measure. Measure is the annual publication of the literature and visual art created by the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Saint Joseph's College.
Contact Information: Maia Hawthorne, Ph.D |

Mock Trial

Whether you're a person who enjoys debates, lives for the stage, or has a passion for the courtroom drama, you're the perfect match for Mock Trial. Each year, team members prepare for a case written by the American Mock Trial Association and learn their "parts" as witnesses and attorneys for a regional competition in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Contact Information: Dr. Robert Monfort |

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

If you're serious about staying current in the field of music education, then you're a perfect match for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME). While NAfME promotes music education on a national level, SJC's chapter tackles issues affecting local and state school systems. Note: The NAfME requires a membership fee to the national organization.
Contact Information: Robb Thiel |

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club works to help students of all majors learn more about educational resources used in the field, career options after college, and volunteer opportunities in the community.
Contact Information: Chau Wong |

Puma Activities Council (PAC)

A student-led organization, PAC is charged with providing entertainment and extracurricular activities for the campus community. Popular PAC-sponsored events include: Lil' Sibs Weekend; the Mr. and Ms. Puma competition; monthly movie screenings; music concerts; and organized trips to area amusement parks.
Contact Information: John May |

Puma Educators Association

The Puma Educator's Association (PEA) is an Education club for all Saint Joseph's College students majoring or minoring in Education. The club conducts events such as teacher panels, resume nights, and Read Across America. Members also run a tutoring program for local high school students called BUG (Bringing Up Grades).
Contact Information: Dr. Lana Zimmer |

Rugby Club

The Rugby team is an intercollegiate athletic group that plays games versus opponents throughout the Midwest. With matches in both the fall and spring seasons, the team works year-round to prepare for the intensity of a full-contact sport.

Science Club

The group aims to provide education and awareness about the field of science by taking frequent trips throughout the year to such places as Indiana Dunes State Park and the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad Regional Tournament allows students from local schools to participate in different science experiments to increase knowledge and appreciation in K-12 schools.
Contact Information: Rob Pfaff |

Spectrum Alliance

All people are welcome! This is the basic principle of Spectrum Alliance. Through various activities the club promotes compassionate acceptance of all gender identities and sexual orientations by raising awareness of issues surrounding the LGBTQ community. As the club name suggests, Spectrum Alliance strives to bring together people who fall anywhere on the spectrum of gender identities and sexual orientation. The club also works with the St. Joe’s Safe Zone program. Club membership is open to all.
Contact Information: Rob Reuter |


Freshmen STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), are invited to participate in the Freshman STEM Program. Funded by Saint Joseph’s College and the Brach Foundation, this program will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in Biology, Biology-Chemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics majors.
Contact Information: Bob Brodman |

Student Association

Representing the student voice of Saint Joseph's College, the Student Association (SA) establishes a means of communication among students, faculty, and administration. SA addresses a wide variety of important issues using senators and executive board members that are elected by the student body to represent their interests.
Contact Information: John May |

Student Farm

In the tradition of the founding members of Saint Joseph’s College, faculty and students have been inspired to create a self-sustaining farm for the SJC community. The SJC Farm boasts an all-natural approach to farming, without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.
Contact Information: Lana Zimmer |

The Observer

The Observer, the College's student-produced newspaper, is always recruiting bright minds to write hard-hitting news, in-depth features, and breaking sports information. Published twice a month, the newspaper's writers and editors come from a variety of different majors and meet frequently to assign articles, map out story ideas, and discuss photography and design.
Contact Information: Charles Kerlin |

Traditions Council

If you're interested in brainstorming for two of the College's best-loved events, then waste no time in getting involved with the Traditions Council. Responsible for the management and organization of all student activities during Homecoming/Parents' Weekend and the entire program for the Little 500 go-kart race.
Contact Information: John May |

World Languages Club

The World Languages Club provides opportunities for students to explore the world beyond the United States. Members study different countries to find out what makes each one unique, experiment with new and exciting foods, and use art as a tool to learn about cultures other than their own.
Contact Information: Claudia Sadowski |


If you've dreamed of being the next hot, radio D.J. to hit American airwaves, then give it a try at SJC by getting involved with WPUM-FM 93.3, the campus radio station. With the tag line of "We play...Whatever", you will hear a mix of multiple musical style, students also host a number of specialty shows, such as country, all-request, and classic rock programs.
Contact Information: Sally Berger |


WPUM-TV produces programming primarily for the students at SJC, including weekly news broadcasts, student interviews, variety shows, and even a campus sitcom. In addition to locally-produced shows, the station is also affiliated with CNN (Cable News Network).
Contact Information: Fred Berger |

Youth Soccer

The Saint Joseph's College Youth Soccer League runs from mid-August to mid-October of each fall for players ages 3-14. The registration deadline is June 15th.
Explore the Core
  • SJC Education Students in the field

    Start Your Major Freshman Year

    Like Elementary Education major Brittany Cooper ’12, you start your major as soon as you walk in the door, so you will have four years of knowledge and experience in your field.You can even change your mind about your major and still graduate on time with lots of experience.

    Core and the major work in harmony to develop the cognitive skills requisite for success in a competitive, global society. Students better understand the forces that shape the future by exploring the past. They discuss contemporary events; analyze the impact of science on our understanding of humanity and the universe; and investigate diverse cultures and world civilizations. 

  • Professor Fred and Sally Berger at Graduation


    Small colleges offer you personal attention; SJC professors, such as Communication Professors Fred and Sally Berger, do more for you—they serve as mentors. Studies show that having a mentor leads to success in your field. Alumni often tell us how their professors not only played a major role in their success, but also became lifelong friends.  If you are undecided about what to major in, we help you decide.

  • High Quality Academics

    In the Core Program, you will be inspired to debate, analyze, and solve problems. Discussion of culture and society, the modern world, and Christian Humanism are just a few highlights of the Program. New perspectives will be gained, your worldview will expand, and you will graduate from SJC as a well rounded, highly marketable person.

  • Visiting Chinese Students


    You get more deeply involved at SJC, so you get more meaningful experiences that prepare you for career and life. LaMichelle Sanders ’14, for example, has spent two summers helping Chinese study abroad students adapt to life in the U.S. and at SJC. If you want to start a club or activity that doesn’t exist, we encourage you to start one. At SJC, prepare yourself for what you want to do in life.

  • Hoop House student workers

    Real-life Skills

    Because of the skills you develop by having the Core Program interact with your major for four years in addition to internships, job shadowing, and service learning, you get hands-on experience in preparation for your career or graduate school. Students Hanna Kane ’14, Emily Baird ’15, and Alyssa Guarnaccia ’14 collect food in the SJC hoophouse to be distributed on campus. You will also get four years of analytical, writing, and speaking skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

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    Start Your Major Freshman Year

    Get a jump start on your career and have your resume ready to go at graduation.  

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    Small colleges offer you personal attention; SJC professors do more for you—they serve as mentors.

  • Images of Students

    High Quality Academics

    The Core Program is all about you and your role in the world.


  • Images of Students


    You get more deeply involved at SJC, so you get more meaningful experiences that prepare you for career and life.

  • Images of Students

    Real-life Skills

    Get real-life experience and become an excellent communicator.